Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm interested in . . . .????

tourism is my life..i really love is not only because i love to travel..but since tourism is the largest industry in the world, i tend to make tourism significant with my life...
i'm taking tourism management course in my's quite a difficult course but i treat it as my life's challenge...i dream one day i will build my own travel agency...PIEQAH TOUR & TRAVEL AGENCY...i hope i can fulfill my dream...being in tourism industry is a big challenge for me..but i love challenge..however it will be, i will try to face any obstacles in front of me until i succeed one day....AJA AJA FIGHTING piqah...!!!!
i would like specified my future travel agency travel agency will mostly offer Umrah & Haji packages...
in my course, there will be a practical training when i'm in Semester 6 later...from now on, i keep my dream to do my practical at Tabung Haji Travel...from there, i believe that i can learn a lot about travel agency especially in offering Umrah & Haji packages...Insyaallah one day i will be the owner of PIEQAH TOUR & TRAVEL AGENCY like i have mentioned just is not impossible if i work hard and make use of my knowledge on tourism the saying goes,
wish me luck!!!
travel around the world . . . .

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